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Getting Started

So you want to get started with Freeform Roleplaying! That's fantastic. You'll need only a few things to do so:

1. A pencil. No, don't use a pen. Use a pencil.

2. A blank piece of paper. Almost any paper will do.

3. A single six - sided dice.

4. The Freeform Roleplaying Basic System PDF (available in Downloads).

5. At least two other people.

6. A block of time, ideally a few hours in length.

7. A large, hard, flat surface, most commonly a table.

8. Snacks

9. Your imagination!

And that's all you'll need to get started! Read through the Freeform Roleplaying Basic System PDF, which will explain how to play the game. From there, if you are still struggling to get started, consider checking out our first expansion PDF, entitled "FFRP: 100 Game Ideas." If you're still having problems, please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests you might have.


And if you enjoy the game, please consider donating! Every small amount helps.

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